Bichromate now supports testing Windows Applications thru Winium


Winium is a new open source framework, that’s based on Selenium and consists of 3 parts:

  1.  Supports test automation on Windows applications.
  2.  Supports test automation on Windows Phone operating system context (home button, notifications bar, toggles etc.)
  3.  Supports test automation on Windows Phone applications.


In case you are already using Selenium WebDriver and familiar with its API, using  Winium is straightforward.


As a result of it’s being a new project, few struggles come in the way. Its API still isn’t complete and not on the same maturity level as other tools in this category.

Bottom line: In case you are considering Winium, I’ve tested it out and seems to work well.

David Ramer

27 years in the software industry. I have worked with some of the biggest internet companies in the industry. Spent 11 years as a software developer working on projects like QuickBooks, Quicken, and Pointcast. 16 years building and leading QA teams all over the world. I've worked with all types of testing software and CI environments. Over the years, I've developed Bichromate, best of breed software testing solution that integrates the industry best frameworks (TestNG) and home designed Factories.

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